Stat 511 - Optional readings

Optional readings are provided for your interest and benefit. I recommend them if you are not already familiar with that lecture topic. You will not be tested on material found only in an optional reading.

Copies of the optional texts are on 2 hr reserve in the Parks Library.

The citations for common sources of optional material are:
C/F: Faraway, J.J. Extending the Linear Model with R
C/Lglm: Littell, R.C. et al. SAS for Linear Models
C/Lmixed: Littell, R.C. et al. SAS for Mixed Models
C/W: West, B.T. et al. Linear Mixed Models: A practical guide using statistical software
C/SC: Shoukri, M.M. and Choudhary, M.A., Analysis of Correlated Data with SAS and R
LM/C: Christenson, R. Plane Answers to Complex Questions
NL/B: Bates, and Watts. Nonlinear Regression Analysis and its Applications.

Week 1: review of 1-way ANOVA: Kutner et al. I don't have access to the 5th ed (big white). The relevant chapters/sections in the 4th ed (big blue) are Chapter 16 and Section 17.3.
Week 1: review of geometry of regression and projection matrices. 2010 Stat 511 notes on Geometry of LS regression

Week 2: 2-way ANOVA: Kutner et al., Chapters 19, 20, and 22.