Links to lecture and lab videos

Recorded videos are available for both the "old" 500 and "old" 511. The sequence of topics is different and examples may be different, but the basic contents are the same. The 500 videos are from my delivery in 2009. The 511 videos are from Dr. Dan Nettleton's delivery in 2010. Obviously the words used in the videos are not the same as I use, and we all put our own slant on our courses, but all the core course instructors work from a similar set of notes.

For example, I wrote about a third of the Stat 500 notes Dr. Koehler used last semester. The rest came from another Stat 500 instructor who got them in the 1990's from Dr. Koehler. My version of the "old" 511 was based on the notes Dr. Nettleton wrote, based on notes Dr. Vardeman wrote.

Links to each lecture or lab are in the following calendar. They are labeled by their contents. You are welcome to use these if you miss a class or want to see another presentation of the material. The page numbers on the tapes will (obviously) not match this year's page numbers.

Week Monday Weds Friday
1 Jan 14
Parts of Stat 500 tapes:
Choosing a test, 1-way ANOVA
Fixed, Random effects, Linear contrasts
Jan 18
Parts of Stat 511 tapes:
Column spaces (last half of lecture)
Projection matrices and their properties
ANOVA for a sequence of models
2 No class: MLK day Jan 23
Parts of Stat 500 tapes:
Orthogonal contrasts, multiple comparisons
Jan 25
Parts of Stat 500 tapes:
Misusing and using model selection, 2 way factorial terminology
2 way factorial: SS as formulae, SS as contrasts among cell means
2 way factorials: SS as model comparison, Interpretation of interactions
3 Need to look in my notes to see what was covered when
4 ditto
5 Feb 11
Maximum likelihood
Feb 13
Maximum likelihood
Feb 15
Logistic regression
13 Apr 19
Penalized regression splines - start*starts at 32:35
Penalized regression splines - part 2
Penalized regression splints - end